How to use various docker images

The preferred way to launch TC is via docker services. Of course, you’ll need docker and docker-compose properly installed.


First, get the docker service files from

git clone
cd rinkeby

The current version of TC uses Infura as a Web3 provider to access Rinkeby testnet. (Support for other networks as well as private nets are being added.) To use Infura, set the following environment variables (or put them in a .env file):



Launch TC

Thanks to docker-compose, TC—the backend as well as the relay—can be launch together in one command: docker-compose up. To run it in the background, use docker-compose up -d. Other advanced uses of docker-compose can be found in their documentation.

There is a convenience Makefile that wraps around common docker-compose commands. For example, you can type make up instead of docker-compose up.